Supporters of the Island Airport point out that it has existed since 1938, and that somehow justifies its existence, but the Islands, Lake Ontario and the Waterfront have been used for recreation for much, much longer.
In the 1790s Elizabeth Simcoe used the Islands as a place of relaxation and escape. Hanlan’s Point was Toronto’s amusement park for decades and its beach was the city’s favorite. Toronto Harbour, Humber Bay and Lake Ontario have been used by recreational sailors, boaters, canoeists and kayakers since the city was founded.
Today 17 million people visit Toronto’s Waterfront every year. It has become the city’s premier tourist venue. Along the Waterfront is a series of unique parks: Ontario Place, Centennial Park, the Music Gardens, HtO Park, Harbourfront, Sugar Beach, Sherborne Common and more parks are being planned.
Queen’s Quay has been totally redesigned and is being rebuilt with a tree lined promenade, bike lanes, and transit. The Eastern Bayfront will become a place with spectacular parks, condos and public buildings and the Portlands will go through similar redevelopment.
The Waterfront should be devoted to recreation and live-work neighbourhoods. It should be open to all residents and visitors to the city as a model of the modern city where the quality of life is valued. A noisy, polluting airport has no place in this jewel in the crown of the City of Toronto.

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