When the Porter jet proposal was before Toronto City Council on April 1, 2014 council passed a resolution stating clearly that negotiations between the city and the Toronto Port Authority on the jet proposal was not to begin until a long list of conditions set down by the city were met.

The chief condition was that the Port Authority was to commit in writing to a limit on passengers and aircraft movements. There were other serious concerns around noise, traffic and parking. The impact of the lengthening of the runways was also a concern. These issues were to be resolved before any negotiation on the jet proposal would go ahead.

Almost immediately a dispute emerged when Geoff Wilson, the CEO of the Toronto Port Authority wrote to John Livey, the Deputy City Manager. Wilson claimed that the discussion on caps of passengers and aircraft was premature before technical work was done.

It seems that the city has conceded this point and technical work is going ahead by the TPA. An engineering study is being conducted on the proposed runway extensions needed for jets and an Environmental Assessment is being conducted on the extension.

Both CommunityAIR and NoJetsTO have protested this decision, saying that it is a direct violation of the City Council resolution, but the TPA is proceeding.

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