Click here to register a complaint about noise of aircraft at the Toronto Island Airport. If the complaint form is down, as it often is, send an email with your complaint to the Toronto Port Authority and send us a copy via .

The Q400 aircraft flying out of the Island airport generate unacceptable levels of noise for the residents of Bathurst Quay, the waterfront, the railway lands, the Island and the condos surrounding Fort York. The main runway of the airport is less than 200 metres from the nearest residences on Bathurst Quay. There are two schools, two day care centres and Harbourfront Community Centre in close proximity. Noise disruptions are very common at waterfront cultural and entertainment events at Harbourfront, the Music Garden, HTO Park, and the Molson Amphitheatre.

According to the manufacturer’s specifications, the noise levels of the Q400 exceed the allowable levels of the Tripartite Agreement. Despite this, Transport Canada has permitted the Q400 to be used at the island airport. The TPA is even supposed to charge a penalty of $5,000 (in June 1981 dollars) for each noise violation. This provision has never been enforced.

There are several problems with the way that noise from airports is measured. Low (or bass) decibels are ignored. The studies average sound over periods of time but the problem of noise at airports is that it is the blasts of sound on take-offs and landings that is most annoying.

Studies have shown that all people suffer from airport noise, but children suffer more than adults. Children living close to airports have been found to have high blood pressure. They find it hard to concentrate and have lower reading comprehension.

Members of the public living close to the Island Airport have complained constantly that the planes are creating excessive noise but nothing is done. Most people have simply given up because they believe that the Toronto Port Authority will not enforce the regulations and have little interest in the complaints of residents.

The noise complaints of residents to date have been based solely on the Q400 aircraft, but if Porter is allowed to fly jets out of the Island it will be worse. Robert Deluce has claimed that the CS100 jets will be no louder than the Q400. This is a significant admission. The Q400 is already creating serious noise problems in the community. The jet proposal calls for more flights out of the Island. That means that inevitably there will be more noise from the airport, if jets are approved.

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