Western Beaches Threatened

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BRIEF HISTORY OF THE WESTERN BEACHES In 2005, $23 million was spent on a 600 M breakwall for the 2006 Club Crew World Dragonboat Championships. In 2009, Council approved the Western Beaches Master Plan, where use of the 4.4 km waterway from Ontario Place to the Humber River be primarily flat-water, an area that provides protected ...

Oppose the Waterfront mega-nightclub

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Toronto's Waterfront is not only threatened by the Island Airport, a huge new mega-nightclub with a capacity of 15,000 is planned for Polson Pier. Waterfront residents are opposing it at the Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Commission. This is an update on the campaign.  Editor   I've got some good news and some bad news regarding our waterfront. ...

People supporting a liveable Waterfront

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This is a link to a Toronto Life article about the hearings on the Polson Pier proposal for a nightclub that can accommodate 7,500 people. It features Waterfront residents who are concerned about the quality of life and particularly the noise that a bar/entertainment space will create.  Editor http://torontolife.com/real-estate/somewhere-else-waterfront-residents-want-put-kibosh-charles-khabouths-liquor-license/

CommunityAIR Press Release on Airport Noise

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Noise from Island Airport Remains Intolerable For Immediate Release Wednesday, June 8, 2016 Brian Iler, Chair   In a release Monday, Ports Toronto attempts to paint a rosy picture of its efforts to reduce Island Airport noise. The reality is far different. From massive noise interference with the Harbourfront Music Garden’s performances to lost sleep by Bathurst Quay residents, Island Airport ...

When Is a Jet Not a Jet?

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In an astoundingly accurate example of Newspeak that would make George Orwell proud, the executive who developed Bombardier's CSeries jet engine says it's not a jet. It's a turbofan claims Pratt & Whitney's Graham Webb, the company's vice-president of commercial engine programs. Pratt & Whitney supplies Bombardier with its engines for the CSeries jets so ...

How to Make BBTCA Quiet

About 5:30 pm on Friday, June 19, Watefront Toronto organizers and staff started preparing for the Queen’s Quay Opening slated for 6 pm at the Simcoe WaveDeck. The screen shot below shows the location of the Simcoe WaveDeck. Location of the Opening Ceremonies The next screen shot shows the location of the WebTrak 5 monitor – the ...