Max Moore: Airport Subsidies or Toronto Parks

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For:  Toronto Star, Letter to the Editor
Re:    Airport Subsidies or Toronto Parks 
On one hand, Councillor Cressy is asking for $1.6 Billion dollars, to create a 20 acre Raildeck Park in downtown Toronto.
With the other hand, the city is currently subsidizing Toronto Island Airport by renting 40 acres of prime island parkland to the Port Authority for $1 a year.
Why are we being asked to pay billions for 20 acres of new parkland, when the city can easily reclaim the $3.2 billion 40 acre parkland gift to the Port Authority.
When the current parkland agreement is up for renewal in 2033, will City Council reclaim 40 acres of Toronto Island Parkland, worth $3.2 billion dollars,
or continue to give it to the Port Authority for $1 a year.
Max Moore, Toronto

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