Analysis: Aviation could consume a quarter of 1.5C carbon budget by 2050

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This is a link to an article on the crisis faced by the aviation industry.

There seems to be no way that they can reach their climate change targets. This is their summary of the problem. Others may want to read the whole article.



The aviation industry faces huge challenges if it is to meet its own self-imposed climate change targets, according to a new UN report.

And even if it does meet all its targets, aviation will still have consumed 12% of the global carbon budget for 1.5C by 2050, Carbon Brief analysis shows. If it fails to reach this target, its share of this budget could rise to as much as 27%.

The sector has an aspirational goal to cap its emissions at 2020 levels, so that any growth after this year is achieved in a “carbon neutral” way.

This will not be easy. Airlines estimate that air travel will grow by an average of just under 5% per year up to 2034 — and the emissions from these extra air miles will be difficult to decarbonise.

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