Return the Islands to indigenous people

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More on what we can do with the Island lands. Keep the comments coming. Bill Why not return the lands to the indigenous peoples?  They should be included in the process of redeveloping these lands.  I think of the fantastic community, designed by Douglas Cardinal, of Ouje Bougoumou.  Perhaps it could include a post-grad university, ...

Redevelop Island Airport lands

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The recently posted video on London’s City Centre Airport has elicited three suggestions for the Island Airport lands once Billy Bishop is closed. You will find them below. If there is anyone else out there with additional ideas, comments, or sarcastic digs at PortsTO send them to Bill Freeman and they will be posted on ...

More planes for Porter

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Robert Deluce, CEO of Porter, has announced 3 new Q400 planes have been ordered. This is from the Toronto Star, July 12, 2016. Deluce said the new planes — two expected to be delivered in December and the third in February — will help strengthen the airline’s route network and offer more flexibility for maintenance schedules. “We ...

London City Airport, or is it Billy Bishop?

This is a short video about London City Airport.   ( It is slanted towards a political candidate, but it brings home some similar points to our Billy Bishop Airport. Incidentally, it proves the rule that humour is the best political tactic. Do we have volunteers to do something similar highlighting the problems and possibilities of Billy Bishop?