A Blast from the Past

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Just when we thought that the Waterfront Czar had left us, former PortsToronto board member (2007-2015), chairman and letter-writer extraordinaire of turgid missives, Mark McQueen, showed that he can’t let go.

McQueen tweet Oct 22

His tweet, “Cllr fights to keep @BBishopAirport debate alive”, October 22, links that master of due political process, Jim Karygiannis, and the questionable 2013 Public Opinion Tracking Study done for the Toronto Port Authority’s by Ipsos Reid.  Funny how another pollster, Forum Research, got different numbers.

Funny too how the esteemed market research expert Allan Bowditch found the 2014 Ipsos Reid poll using the same basic methodology deeply flawed in certain areas.

The Toronto Star link refers to the article that saw Councillor Karygiannis take MP Adam Vaughn to task for having the temerity to state that opening the Tripartite Agreement to allow for island airport expansion was not in the Trudeau government’s cards.

The Star article certainly gave Mr. McQueen, the former PortsToronto board member, an opening to remind the public of his relationship with Mr. Vaughn, a relationship that saw Mr. McQueen write to or complain about Mr. Vaughan on several occasions.

For example, Mr. Vaughn got letters on

In addition, Mr. McQueen, the former PortsToronto board member saw fit to write about or mention Councillor Vaughan 21 times in his Wellington Financial blog.

Lest we forget, Mr. McQueen, the former PortsToronto board member, also saw fit to complain to the city’s integrity commissioner about Councillor Vaughn.

And what can one say about the last letter, the August 29, 2013 one, in which Mr. McQueen ‘takes the opportunity’ to follow-up on a statement that Mr. Vaughan made on November 16, 2012, nine months previous?

No doubt we’ll hear from Mr. McQueen again even while he still has his position as Chair of the Board of the Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority, especially if MP Vaughan is involved in the matter.

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