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(This is a historical reminder of the dangers of the Island Airport that was excerpted from Today Magazine, Muskoka edition: Page 59. Thanks to Brian Iler who found this piece. Editor’s note.)

A Norwegian guard at the Island Airport 1940

A Norwegian guard at the Island Airport 1940

After the fall of Norway….the decision was made for the Norwegian air forces to come to Canada where they could be retrained and re formed….At first the exiled Norwegians established themselves in Toronto at Toronto Island Airport. The location wasn’t exactly ideal and it wasn’t long before the inherent dangers of training young fighter pilots in a city environment became appare nt. On June 20, 1941, while taking off from Toronto Island Airport, a Norwegian  piloted plane collided with the Sam McBride ferry in Toronto harbour, killing both the student pilot and instructor. Clearly a new home was required.

(That was Muskoka Airport, Gravenhurst)


 (That would be Muskoka Airport, Gravenhurst)

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