Poll Disconnect

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Forum Research conducted a survey during the week of September 8 and reports a statistical tie on the question of jets flying to and from the island airport. Forum Research found that 45% of respondents approve of using jets while 43% of respondents said they disapproved. With a margin of error of 3%, 19 times out of 20, the results represent a statistical tie.

  Forum Poll Sept 2014

The pollster has asked the same question seven times in the last two years: “Would you approve or disapprove of allowing jet aircraft to use the Billy Bishop Toronto City Centre Airport?” While approval peaked at 51% three months after Porter Airlines announce their intention to fly jets, it has yet to match that number again.


On the other hand, the latest Ipsos Reid survey for the port authority sees a 60% approval rating for jets a full 15% higher than the Forum result.


A comparison of the results over the years shows a consistency in the discrepancy between the results from the two pollsters.


How to account for Ipsos Reid’s higher numbers?


The wording of the question and ethics may have some to do with them.








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