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This is a copy of a noise complaint sent to the Airport Noise Complaint Management Group, the City of Toronto

Island Airport Noise comes and goes with the wind, but it seems to have come back with a vengeance this month. The ground noise from the airport is now so loud and so constant, that it’s giving me a serious permanent headache.

I hear loud airport noise, from around 6 am until nearly midnight every day. It is unbearably loud through open windows. The only way to live with this airport is to close all the doors and windows, and live in an air conditioned world. But air conditioning isn’t as healthy as natural air. Living by this airport forces us to live a second rate life, by making us close our windows all summer.

The problem is that even when we close all the windows and doors, we can still hear engine run-ups inside our homes. That’s how loud engine run-ups are. We are under constant attack from a giant noise machine called Toronto Island Airport. So much for a constitutional right of quiet enjoyment of our homes.

Not only are we awakened around 6 am every day, but a louder noise roars until 11 pm every night. And after a grand finale of engine run noise at 11 pm, we’re awakened through the night by medivac helicopters, that can legally fly all night.

This morning, for example, September 10, 2014, there was an engine run-up or medivac helicopter making so much noise, around 3 am. It was like being noise raped as we tried to sleep. Sleep doesn’t come again for a long time, when you’re awakened violently in the middle of the night by noise from the island airport.

I really wish you people would get serious about noise management at the island airport, and cancel commercial flights after 10 pm. It would also help to prohibit engine run-ups before 8 am and after 8 pm.

Anything short of those two noise management proposals means the Port Authority just isn’t taking noise management seriously.

Max Moore, Harbourfront Community Association

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