Climate change and airports

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Will airports and air travel make it impossible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the threat of climate change? Recently the City of Vienna in Austria refused to allow expansion of its airport for that very reason.  

NoJets opposes world’s biggest nightclub

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A new year has begun and again our waterfront faces a new threat. Plans are underway for what would be the world's biggest nightclub in the Port Lands, a project that could hamper the renewal of this crucial part of our waterfront. Take a minute and sign the petition against the waterfront mega-club. Just like the ...

Hearings on the Polson Pier Nightclub

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There is a new Waterfront issue that has emerged with the expansion of Polson Pier in the east end of the harbour, on the site previously occupied by The Docks nightclub. The new development will be even bigger and more invasive than the Docks. Some are calling it the “world’s largest nightclub.” One person described it ...

Waterfront for All

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We’re pleased there’s a new umbrella waterfront organization, just founded, called Waterfront for All. Its website is CommunityAIR has been  an active participant in its formative discussions. Here’s its first press release, issued today: Don River Flood Protection Key to Unlocking Potential of Toronto’s Waterfront on October 20, 2016 A new citizens group, Waterfront for All, is welcoming today’s ...

Airline Industry and Climate Change

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George Monbiot is a British journalist who writes a column for the Guardian newspaper. His specialty is the impact of technology on climate change. He often writes about the airline industry, and the controversy of expanding London’s Heathrow Airport. In a recent article, he concludes that the British “Prime Minister cannot uphold the Paris agreement on ...

Another noise complaint

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For: Joe Cressy, Toronto City Council Re: Island Airport Noise Complaint, Sept. 17, 2016 This past night, my wife and I were awakened many times, 1am, 2am, 3am, and 4 am, by construction noise at the island airport. Added to this are the comings and goings of helicopters which also wake us up. It adds up ...