Letter to Adam Vaughan

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Dear Adam, I was very upset to learn this morning that if you have any sway with the Federal Cabinet, you are not using it. I could hardly believe the news today that the government is selling the parking lot next to the Toronto Ferry Docks to Oxford Properties instead of keeping that federal property for ...

CommunityAIR Press Release

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Huge Public Asset to be Sold by Ports Toronto                     Federal Liberals Approve with No Community Input For Immediate Release Monday, May 1, 2017 Contact:  Brian Iler, Chair 416-835-4384 (cell) 416‑598‑0544 (work direct) Today, Ports Toronto announced they have Federal Liberal approval for the sale of a massively valuable 1.8 acre parcel of land at 30 Bay /60 Harbour Street ...

Oppose the Waterfront mega-nightclub

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Toronto's Waterfront is not only threatened by the Island Airport, a huge new mega-nightclub with a capacity of 15,000 is planned for Polson Pier. Waterfront residents are opposing it at the Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Commission. This is an update on the campaign.  Editor   I've got some good news and some bad news regarding our waterfront. ...

People supporting a liveable Waterfront

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This is a link to a Toronto Life article about the hearings on the Polson Pier proposal for a nightclub that can accommodate 7,500 people. It features Waterfront residents who are concerned about the quality of life and particularly the noise that a bar/entertainment space will create.  Editor http://torontolife.com/real-estate/somewhere-else-waterfront-residents-want-put-kibosh-charles-khabouths-liquor-license/