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Online surveys are useless

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The magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, recently announced its readers’ choice awards. We read about it in the Toronto Star as it gushed this: Toronto's Billy Bishop fourth overall among international airports, while Porter Airlines placed ninth among international airlines. Really? A small regional airline, with huge ongoing operational challenges, as the many, many posts on ...

Waterfront for All

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We’re pleased there’s a new umbrella waterfront organization, just founded, called Waterfront for All. Its website is CommunityAIR has been  an active participant in its formative discussions. Here’s its first press release, issued today: Don River Flood Protection Key to Unlocking Potential of Toronto’s Waterfront on October 20, 2016 A new citizens group, Waterfront for All, is welcoming today’s ...

Airline Industry and Climate Change

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George Monbiot is a British journalist who writes a column for the Guardian newspaper. His specialty is the impact of technology on climate change. He often writes about the airline industry, and the controversy of expanding London’s Heathrow Airport. In a recent article, he concludes that the British “Prime Minister cannot uphold the Paris agreement on ...

Another noise complaint

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For: Joe Cressy, Toronto City Council Re: Island Airport Noise Complaint, Sept. 17, 2016 This past night, my wife and I were awakened many times, 1am, 2am, 3am, and 4 am, by construction noise at the island airport. Added to this are the comings and goings of helicopters which also wake us up. It adds up ...

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Airline travel creates enormous greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and the number of flights are predicted to increase dramatically in coming years. Some of us dream that planes can be driven by solar power, and there are some experiments. Check out this article by The Guardian. The only problem is it ain't gonna happen soon. So how are ...

Analysis: Aviation could consume a quarter of 1.5C carbon budget by 2050

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This is a link to an article on the crisis faced by the aviation industry. There seems to be no way that they can reach their climate change targets. This is their summary of the problem. Others may want to read the whole article. Editor   The aviation industry faces huge challenges if it is to meet its ...

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