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Climate change and airports

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Will airports and air travel make it impossible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the threat of climate change? Recently the City of Vienna in Austria refused to allow expansion of its airport for that very reason.  

NoJets opposes world’s biggest nightclub

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A new year has begun and again our waterfront faces a new threat. Plans are underway for what would be the world's biggest nightclub in the Port Lands, a project that could hamper the renewal of this crucial part of our waterfront. Take a minute and sign the petition against the waterfront mega-club. Just like the ...

Hearings on the Polson Pier Nightclub

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There is a new Waterfront issue that has emerged with the expansion of Polson Pier in the east end of the harbour, on the site previously occupied by The Docks nightclub. The new development will be even bigger and more invasive than the Docks. Some are calling it the “world’s largest nightclub.” One person described it ...

Swedish government commission proposes airline climate change tax

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Swedish government commission proposes airline climate tax | Reuters STOCKHOLM A government-appointed commission recommended on Wednesday that airlines operating in Sweden should pay a tax of between 80 and 430 Swedish crowns ($9-47) per passenger and flight to compensate for climate pollution. One the levy is instituted, the cost of a domestic flight would rise by 80 ...

Pregnant woman kicked off Porter flight

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Global News reports that a pregnant woman and her husband were kicked off a Porter flight to Quebec City because it was deemed that she was too heavy. They were going on a romantic flight to celebrate the forthcoming birth of their first child. Hard to believe that Porter could be so insensitive, but then they ...

Mahood takes on Freeland on Terminal Expansion

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The Honourable Chrystia Freeland PC, MP Dear Chrystia, We take some pride in being relatively informed and involved citizens.  So we won’t apologize for keeping you informed about our views. A previous Liberal government, at the urging of an ill-informed promoter, Toronto Liberal MP Dennis Mills, made Toronto a port even though it failed to meet the government’s ...

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