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Letter from Adam Vaughan re Ports Toronto land sale

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Dear friends: Thank you for your correspondence on this very important issue. I have received a number of emails so please accept this letter as a response to the collection of issues and concerns received by my constituents. I share your frustration and disappointment with the transaction. As many of you know, the project to develop the ...

Another letter to Adam Vaughan

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Dear Adam: I recently heard of the sale of the 1.8 acre parcel of land at 30 Bay /60 Harbour Street to Oxford Properties with the proceeds going to Ports Toronto.  I’m extremely disappointed.  I was hoping that you and the Liberals would put a further crimp on the subsidies and support to the island airport.  ...

Huge Public Asset to be Sold by Ports Toronto: Federal Liberals Approve with No Community Input

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(Editor's note: The issue of the sale of land by Ports Toronto has aroused great interest. We are publishing here a more complete version of the press release issued by CommunityAIR.) Press Release issued by CommunityAIR May 1, 2017 Today, Ports Toronto announced they have Federal Liberal approval for the sale of a massively valuable 1.8 acre ...

Letter to Adam Vaughan

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Dear Adam, I was very upset to learn this morning that if you have any sway with the Federal Cabinet, you are not using it. I could hardly believe the news today that the government is selling the parking lot next to the Toronto Ferry Docks to Oxford Properties instead of keeping that federal property for ...

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