Video on “Ground Runup Enclosure”

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This note and link to the PortsToronto video on the Ground Runup Enclosure, comes from Hal Beck, a neighbourhood member of the airport liaizon committee.
Hi All,  attached is a link to a recent 4 minute video of the Ground Runup Enclosure (GRE)  recently constructed at Island Airport, containing some time lapse footage and technical info.
 In a response to a question from Leida Englar, Hal wrote:
·         There are several types of runups that occur regularly on site, one of which is post-maintenance runup.  … Apparently, there is to be only one post maintenance runup per day using the GRE.
·         The constant roar coming from the airport grounds will not be affected by GRE.  Note that during the Runway EA meeting, WSP noted that the approved 202 slot capacity per day includes for up to 16 commercial slots per hour over several peak hours per day.  This is in addition to all the other slots reserved for non-commercial aircraft that could be used during the same hour.   We have a way to go before seeing the airport operating at the approved capacity.  The number of hours of approved ground roar will eventually last for more hours per day than present.

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