Sustainable Space more than Airfields

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(This is a letter to Adam Vaughan, MP from a Toronto resident. The writer has asked for anonymity. Editor)
Dear Adam,
I am trying to figure out how electing you has expedited the expansion of Porter Airlines into public space and to use C100s, despite your electoral promises to your constituents.
The Porter airfield on the Toronto Island Park system has greatly expanded, without environmental oversight, the parking lot has been sold to Oxford Properties for a song, without consideration for public space, and an absolutely useless, unsightly, hollow noise wall, with tonnes and tonnes of concrete, has been built for jet blast, again, without public consultation, and against best practices for sustainable design implementation and has divided waterfront use. The tunnel never had an environmental assessment; this is more of the same.
As Toronto’s population grows, we will need the Toronto Islands as a park system, and carbon sink, for people to escape the heat of the city, yet on a daily basis, Porter Airlines is making incursions on all that is good, loved and needed about this beautiful and valuable waterfront and heritage property. Other cities internationally are realizing that capitalizing on nature are part of their invaluable assets and making them heritage properties and parks; see San Francisco, Melbourne and Chicago.
All these decisions are being made behind closed doors by your majority Liberal Government, and are the municipal version of the federal decisions to allow pipeline expansion and sell our bottled water to China. The hypocrisy of running on a platform you did not intend to keep, and be part of the loss of the Toronto Island Park system and waterfront assets, are decisions that will have long term repercussions.

I hope that you intend to represent the constituents who voted you in some time soon. I am so deeply disappointed in all this back room dealing that is clearly in preparation for C100s to be used by Porter.

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