Letter to Adam Vaughan

By Monday, May 1, 2017 0 Permalink 0

Dear Adam,

I was very upset to learn this morning that if you have any sway with the Federal Cabinet, you are not using it. I could hardly believe the news today that the government is selling the parking lot next to the Toronto Ferry Docks to Oxford Properties instead of keeping that federal property for public use. It is easy to draw the dotted line to Ports Toronto and Porter.  Give these guys and inch and they will take the entire waterfront.  There is not even the appearance of fairness on Ports Toronto’s governance.

I can just hear Porter and other jet operators getting in line at Billy Bishop now that the coast has been cleared at London City Centre airport to the C100 jet.  Given the track record, your government seems likely to buckle under to that one, too. Should I expect another secret arrangement with no public consultation?

More than disappointed, Adam, I am very angry.

Daina Green

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