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For: Joe Cressy, Toronto City Council Re: Island Airport Noise Complaint, Sept. 17, 2016

This past night, my wife and I were awakened many times, 1am, 2am, 3am, and 4 am, by construction noise at the island airport. Added to this are the comings and goings of helicopters which also wake us up. It adds up to another sleepless night, for residents of the neighbourhood beside Toronto Island Airport. It’s enough to make a person sick.

For most of the summer, I found the airport to be quieter than previous years, and I complimented the Noise Management Office for their efforts to keep airport noise to a minimum. Their efforts really are appreciated, but they don’t solve all the problems.

The airport did implement one noise management policy which helped reduce noise a lot – No Engine Run-ups before 8am and after 10pm (9am-9pm on weekends). This policy has made a huge improvement in neighbourhood noise. For this, we are thankful.

But as we now know, airport noise is at its worst when there’s a heavy cloud cover and winds in our direction. Last night, weather conditions were terrible for noise. Perhaps the less noisy summer was due to Toronto’s hot days, without much cloud cover, instead of the airport’s efforts at noise management. We’ll keep collecting noise data until we understand the airport noise problem better.

Regarding last night, I would ask a question. Why is the island airport allowed to schedule construction overnight? On dry, non-windy nights, we don’t hear much noise, but last night was excruciatingly painful. It’s not possible to predict the weather for construction, but this is an example of how overnight noise permits are a problem.

Why can’t the airport do what every other law-abiding business has to do, and stop its business operations during working hours, to do its construction projects? Why does this airport get special privileges that no one else gets, which allow it to make noise all night, while not paying its fair share of taxes?

Perhaps our only hope for addressing the unfairness of the island airport situation is to look forward to 2033, when the Tripartite Agreement can be cancelled, and island airport lands can be returned to the city as public parkland.

As City Councillor, you have said that downtown Toronto lacks public park spaces. Perhaps one solution is to plan for the closing of the island airport, and give the people back this valuable parkland. Please don’t renew the Tripartite Agreement.

Max Moore, Bathurst Quay resident

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