A bulldozer with a harmless lady to drive it

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This is a letter from Shirley Bush to Brian Iler, commenting on the puff piece of promotion on Porter’s service.  Editor

No question about it, Brian, Porter has the most terrific PR and advertising promotion possible! Deluce has managed to get mentions of super Porter all over the place. I wonder what that piece of puffery cost? Perhaps a bundle of free flights?

I am convinced that in spite of TPA/Ports Toronto denial, jets were planned right from the beginning when the Southern Ontario Airports study had said that no commercial airline could stay in business profitably for long without jets. Although there was never to be a fixed link to the Islands, TPA had Dillon Consulting examining the issue.

They suggested a lift bridge, which official bridge operating procedures proved was totally impractical and take half an hour to raise and lower and would paralyse traffic on whole waterfront. No way was a bridge going to be helpful in aircrash emergencies. Also any kind of fixed link to the Islands had been rejected by mayors and citizens for about 40 years. 

The wonderful tunnel would not be much use either.

 Jane Jacobs was absolutely right when she said “The airport is a Trojan Horse! Why not do something delightful and imaginative with our irreplaceable green oasis?”

 Thank you, Brian, for your incredible persistence and hard work for so long. There is no credible reason for Porter’s continued existence at Billy Bishop Airport – even that name a piece of PR – when they can expand with jets at Pearson. I am convinced that a citizen vote would say “GO”, but doubt Mayor Tory would ever allow one.

 Do you happen to have a bulldozer or have access to one and be willing to teach a harmless old lady to drive it?

Shirley Bush

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