Skirting Facts

The following exchange took place between CommunityAIR's Brian Iler and a poster who identifies her/himself as MD2.  The exchange is on The Airline Website. The thread, Oh oh....maybe the Liberals are serious about no expansion, is a five-page discussion on the recent Liberal announcement on not opening the tripartite agreement.  MD2's posts are spread throughout the ...

Prospects grim for Porter

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This article on Porter's future business prospects was published in "Airways News." It paints a very grim future for Porter without jets at the Island Airport.

Thank you, Thank you

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Hello everyone My heart is full of gratitude this morning for all the incredible work NoJetsTO, Community Air,  the Greater Waterfront Coalition and especially Adam Vaughan did over the last 2 ½ year. It was a David & Goliath battle, and fortunately, there were many Davids that stepped up to the plate and fought a good fight. As ...

A Desperate Robert Deluce

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(This is the text of a CommunityAIR press release.) Issued: November 11, 2015 Robert Deluce is fighting desperately for his jets proposal in asking that evidence-based information be used to determine whether jets should be allowed at the Island Airport. Porter, though, has yet to make any case for serious consideration of that proposal. Deluce pitched then-Mayor Rob Ford ...

NoJetsT.O. Says Welcome

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Recipients of NoJetsTO emails received the message below today. It invites supporters of a jet-free waterfront to sign a welcoming card to Transport Minister Marc Garneau.   The last weeks have been momentous for our waterfront. We now have a Liberal federal government that has committed to stopping the wrong-headed jets proposal. The Liberals’ promise to protect the ...