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In one of his funniest pieces in years, Liberals have jumped the gun by shutting down Billy Bishop jets debate, November 13, 2015, Globe and Mail columnist Marcus Gee proves himself a master of satire.

Marcus, tongue in cheek, calls the Liberal government’s decision to leave the Tripartite Agreement as is hasty.  Of course, the fine journalist that he is, he knows full well about the Liberal promise, on June 4, 2015, to reform the port authority and leave the Tripartite Agreement as is.

Marcus’ observation that the jets idea is still under study is a real hoot. City council voted in May 2013 to study the issue and again on April 1, 2014 to study the issue more.  Maybe Marcus hasn’t seen Groundhog Day.

And the Porter marketing trick to centre the argument for jets on technical points like the noise of the new planes?  In his tour de farce, Marcus repeats the canard with a straight face.  What about the incompatibility of jets cohabiting within a prime cultural and recreational area one might ask?  Please keep in mind that Mr. Gee has written a comedy piece not a serious discussion of the issues.

Saving the best for last, the most hilarious knee slapper is Marcus’ droll epigram that claims Porter CEO and president Robert Deluce “built a brilliant little airline from nothing” as if millions of dollars from the federal government, the second largest equity raise start-up in North American aviation history, an investment by billionaire Larry Tanenbaum and a five-year near-monopoly commercial carrier agreement adds up to nothing.

What a joker is our Mr. Gee.

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