Where the Parties Stand on Airport Expansion and the Waterfront

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Published in Toronto Star, Monday October 12, 2015

The Island Airport and the city

The Island Airport and the city


“I can say that in principle, our government sees the enormous economic and social potential of making this area secure from flooding,” Joe Oliver, Conservative minister of finance, earlier this summer on flood protection for East Bayfront and Port Lands.

Despite what some may assume the Conservative government has been a fairly reliable supporter of Waterfront Toronto. It’s expected Conservatives would bring the needed dollars to the table for phase two, especially the flood protection plan, which touches an area of federal liability.

On the Island Airport, the party has said it supports the process now underway, but its appointed agency, Ports Toronto, has and would be a big booster of the expansion plans.


“The Liberal party will not reopen the tripartite agreement. No Jets. No Expansion. Period.” Liberal MP Adam Vaughan, in a recent letter to activist group, CommunityAIR.

The Liberals have explicitly promised to fully fund Waterfront Toronto’s next phase. They also promise to veto any expansion of the island airport.

The party has also promised to reform Ports Toronto to make it more open in its business and to ensure it better represents local residents and stakeholders.


“No airport expansion. No jets. The NDP has been clear on these issues and other issues relating to the promotion of Toronto’s waterfront as a resource for the people of Toronto.” New Democratic Party candidate Olivia Chow, in a recent letter to activist group, CommunityAIR

The New Democratic Party has been fairly unequivocal in promising to fund Waterfront Toronto’s second phase and to kill plans to expand the island airport. The party has also promised to reform Ports Toronto to include representation of both harbour residents and recreational users of the waterfront.

Edward Keenan

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