Process of Convenience

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On Tuesday, October 21 this blog predicted a political storm on the waterfront.  MP Adam Vaughn had made quite clear the federal government-elect would not support Billy Bishop Toronto Centre Airport (BBTCA).  On the other hand, Mayor Tory was putting people who favoured expansion in place in important waterfront positions.


Sure enough, before the day was out, City News reported that Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti had stepped up to the plate calling for due process in the matter of BBTCA expansion.


Interestingly, Councillor Mammoliti seems to have forgotten due process when it came to his election spending.  In December last year, Councillor Mammoliti pleaded guilty before a justice-of-the peace for overspending by at least $10,000, filing false financial records and failing to keep records of campaign expenses.


A day later, Thursday October 22, Councillor Jim Karygiannis, aping Councillor Mammoliti, insisted that Prime Minister-Designate follow process in determining the fate of the proposed BBTCA expansion.


Strangely, Councillor Karygiannis seems to have forgotten process, which led to the Ontario wing of the federal Liberal party banning him from attending delegate selection meetings after accusation of physical abuse and dirty tricks involving him arose.


Mayor Tory is currently in London promoting a scandal-free Toronto. Ironically, on his home front he has two councillors whose past probity seems to muddle their message of due process.

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