PortsToronto Announces New App – Billy™

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On September 1, Ports Toronto announced launch of ‘Billy™’, a new mobile app, not to be confused with Ikea’s Billy bookcases.

App as Convenience

Billy™ will do wonderful things according to the press release. Indeed, Billy™ offers:

  •  a flight-tracking tool ”that provides real-time flight updates; weather and traffic conditions for both departure and arrival cities”;
  • airport information, including directions to ground transportation, on-site services and airport amenities;
  • an in-app travel magazine that includes curated content and City Insider guides, which feature recommendations, travel suggestions and insightful articles;

Billy™ as a Competing App

With a launch this late in the year, Billy™ missed PC Magazine list of the Best Travel Apps of 2015. In all fairness, Billy™ does seem to have features that most of those on the list lack. However, if PortsToronto wants to ensure a spot on the 2016 list, it may wish to alert Billy Bishop Toronto Centre Airport tunnel users when an escalator has broken down.

As Pink Lady noted in her postings of August 25,

“A friend used the tunnel the other day. The escalator was already out of service”


“He said the stairs were a workout!”


With stairs like those shown to the right, travellers might want to travel light.


“The escalators he needed to go up were not working and he didn’t want to join the long lineup for the elevators so took the stairs.”

Billy™’s Bottom Line

Billy™ could simply advise users to take the boat rather than the $82.5 million (est.) tunnel when the need rises. With information about escalator and elevator breakdowns available for the time-sensitive business traveller, Billy™ would escalate to everyone’s Top 10 Travel Apps list.




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