NoJetsTO Press Release on Tunnel Opening

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NoJetsTO issued a press release today to mark the opening of the BBTCA tunnel.

JULY 30, 2015

Bungled-Up Tunnel Project Shows Port Authority Can’t Be Trusted

Pedestrian Tunnel Foreshadows Airport Expansion: NoJetsTO

TORONTO – Today’s opening of the Island Airport pedestrian tunnel, built strictly for passenger convenience, is a reminder of the Toronto Port Authority’s broken promises and incompetence, presaging what could lie ahead if airport expansion goes ahead.

“The Port Authority promised Torontonians a tunnel that would allow access to the Toronto Islands, not just the airport,” NoJetsTO chair Norman Di Pasquale pointed out. “With the tunnel costing more than four times than originally planned and numerous delays, it’s clear that the TPA can’t be trusted with its promises.”

Back in 2009, the chairman of the TPA promised that the planned tunnel would not only serve the airport but also the islands as a recreational and residential destination. That year, the Port Authority projected the costs to be $20 million, even requesting funding to come from federal coffers.

“It says a lot of about the Port Authority that they promise something for the public good and then walk back on their word,” the NoJetsTO chair said. “We are worried the TPA is set to do the same on the Island Airport expansion – make lofty, obfuscating promises and not deliver.”

“Let’s not forget that the pro-jets camp itself sees the tunnel as a vital precondition for airport expansion as Porter’s CEO admitted,” Di Pasquale added. “Ultimately, the tunnel is meant to pave the way for turning the existing regional airport into a major jet airport – right on our waterfront.”

“The tunnel does nothing to address the traffic nightmare airport expansion would cause with its more than a million additional cars,” the NoJetsTO spokesperson concluded. “Our waterfront is no place for a major jet airport.”

NoJetsTO is the largest group dedicated to preserving Toronto’s mixed-use waterfront and a regional Island Airport. As a city-wide residents organization, NoJetsTO opposes the expansion of the Island Airport through jet aircraft and extended runways.

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