BBTCA Star Power

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On July 28, PortsToronto announced its all-star line-up of tunnel openers. This blog named three possible ribbon cutters and as it turns out two of the three are show ready.

Ever aware of the charge of conflict of interest against him because his son will benefit monetarily if the airport is expanded to allow jets, Mayor John Tory, it appears, doesn’t mind signalling to city councillors, including those he appointed to committee chairs, that he loves this airport. Subtle.

Transport minister Lisa Raitt, it appears, took a break long enough from blaming others for making her look bad over the Fiat recall to signal that she has her scissors, or is it dagger, available to cut a ribbon and maybe political opponents to pieces to improve the airport she has had such a hand in expanding.

John Tory and Lisa Raitt – Thumbs up for an expanded airport

She got her man where she wanted him.

Missing from the cavalcade of stars is Shorty Guzman who knows a thing about tunnels. Oh well, two out of three isn’t bad.

Where we really fell down was in mastering the obvious. How could we forget about The Chairman of the Board, Master of the Universe, Czar of the Waterfront, Mark McQueen. Without Mr. McQueen’s drive the BBTCA wouldn’t be attached to the city by the hip and the island as an island accessible only by boat would still exist. So much for tradition.

The other insider, Geoff Wilson, gets to do double duty. Not only does Geoff have to listen to the speeches for the media at 11 am on the airport side, he gets to hang around until 1:30 pm on the city side to greet the first disembarking passengers through the tunnel. He’s a real trooper is our Mr. Wilson.


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