BBTCA Tunnel Facts

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PortsToronto has a delightful little pdf full of fascinating information about the airport’s soon-to- be-opened tunnel, maybe in July. Here are a few more facts that readers may not be aware of.


  • Under PortsToronto Chairman Mark McQueen, tunnel promoter, the tunnel price tag jumped from an estimated $20 million-$40 million to a contract price of $82.5 million and is on the books as part of capital, under work in progress at $93,065,000 for work done as of December 31, 2014.
  • Chairman Mark McQueen is also chairman of the Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority. The price tag on the new international bridge that the Authority is undertaking is $2.1 billion with taxpayers on the hook for 1/3 rd.
  • Final costs are yet to be determined on both projects.


  • ·The tunnel was 93% complete at the end of December 2014 but didn’t receive a substantial completion rating until June 2015, six months later.
  • The 93% completion took 30 months. Assuming the tunnel is completed as predicted (yet again) in late July, the final 7% will take 7 months.
  • The Channel Tunnel joining England to France, is 31.4 miles long. It took 6 years and 4 months to complete.
  • The BBTCA tunnel is .095 of a mile long (500 feet).  It has taken 3 years and 2 months so far and is not yet complete.
  • Put another way, the Channel Tunnel construction progressed at 218.15 feet a month vs the BBTCA tunnel at 14.1 feet a month.


  • The tunnel is 100 feet below the surface on the island elevator side or the equivalent of a nine-storey building. That’s a lot of steps to walk up carrying luggage in the case of an electrical failure.
  • The moving sidewalks will travel at 23 times the speed of a garden snail but 14 times slower than a black mamba snake.



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