A leopard can’t change its spots

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“A leopard can’t change its spots”
“Old wine in new bottles”
“Same old same old”

In January the Toronto Port Authority suddenly rebranded as PortsToronto:

“Research conducted to inform the rebranding process indicated two key points: First, the Toronto Port Authority name, or TPA as it was often abbreviated, was not resonating with the public. In fact the letters TPA were often confused with other organizations such as the Toronto Police Association, Toronto Parking Authority, Toronto Paramedics Association and others. Second, there was the expressed desire to have the organization work collaboratively, transparently and in partnership. Jettisoning the word ‘authority’ is an intentional move that personifies our mandate to work together with stakeholders, agencies, governments and the community on initiatives that benefit the city.”
— Geoffrey Wilson, Toronto Port Authority CEO, January 19, 2015

So the rebranding rationale:
1) avoiding confusion with other organizations also using the “TPA” acronym
2) to personify consultative mandate

Jan 19 — TPA rebrands as PortsToronto

Jan 25 — PortsToronto reassigns lease on airport terminal lands allowing for new tenant to renew until 2055, without consulting the City of Toronto (with whom their Tripartite Agreement ends in 2033, with no provision for renewal)
Mar 31 — PortsToronto presents its Master Planning Exercise to the public, showing for the first time slots increasing from 202 to 242 and passenger traffic more than doubling, to 5.5 million per year. (PortsToronto was under direction to develop this plan with “robust stakeholder and public consultation”; all of the City’s analysis of airport expansion over the previous two years were premised on a 202 slot assumption.)
Apr 15 — PortsToronto is asked by the City of Toronto to halt unauthorized construction on City land of a permanent canopy near the entrance of their tunnel to the airport. (PortsToronto was aware they did not have permission for this work.)
Apr 23 — PortsToronto announces its donation of land for construction of a hockey arena in the Port Lands: “PortsToronto will work with the City of Toronto and Waterfront Toronto to ensure that the building is in keeping with the future vision for the area” (presumably that consultation begins when PortsToronto wants it to begin).

In three months PortsToronto has moved, with remarkable speed, to undo the efforts of its branding consultants, Ariad Communications. The Toronto Police Association, Toronto Parking Authority, Toronto Paramedics Association and others who shared their acronyms with the then TPA, must be very happy that TPA decided to be so careful as to remove the confusion with them.

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