Opposition to airport expansion in the suburbs

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Shirley Bush is is a community activist and a long time opponent of the Island Airport. She lives in North York and sends us this note about her activities. Editor
Hello all –¬† I was the visitor from North Toronto whom you let make a pitch about getting more publicity all over the city in areas where there was just a vague impression that Porter was okay and people simply were not well-informed. Because today was lovely out, abouit 4:30 this afternoon I took to the streets at the¬†Eglinton/Mount Pleasant intersection wearing a large No Jets poster and handing out yellow sheets similar to the one you were kind enough to let¬†me present at the meeting last night. Quite a lot of people gave me a thumbs up and two men said they were against a bridge or fixed link. They were unaware that the tunnel was there. I handed out 39 flyers and then went down to Timothy’s for coffee before heading home. I gave the young woman at the counter¬†my¬†last one.¬†She read it and then offered to post it on the bulletin board beside¬†the door.. and did so right then!¬† I was amazed and thanked her. They do quite a business and people often¬†look at the board as they come in or leave.¬†An unexpected tiny step forward!
With hope and optimism,

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