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On February 13 the Toronto Star published an opinion piece by four well-known, accomplished Toronto residents warning against PortsToronto sham environmental assessment. The piece struck a chord with Star readers.

Start with the Board of Health Assessment

Dr. Miriam Garfinkle recounts her exchange with PortsToronto over the organization’s bias in initially setting up its webpage to ”accommodate Porter’s proposal’. Instead of the sham EA, she believes consideration must be given to the Toronto Board of Health assessment of the airport’s current deleterious effect and to the proposal’s contribution to climate change.

AECOM the Airport Builder

Jeff Cooper and Peter Ashby take issue with PortsToronto use of AECOM to run the EA. On one hand the company is co-ordinating the assessment role out. On the other hand the company has the public relations acumen and technical expertise to help make the expansion happen.

The Physical Danger

Daphne Lavers expresses serious concern over the amount of jet fuel currently transported by tanker truck through the community and its storage at the airport. She also draws attention to the current light paths in relation to the waterfront condos and the potential of a collision.


It appears that Abraham Lincoln’s observation about not fooling all of the people all of the time have traction. The Star has posted several other letters that question the airport expansion. All of them are worth the full read.


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