Exhausted Shirley keeps fighting

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This is a letter sent to Brian Iler from Shirley Bush, a long time advocate of closing the Island Airport. Shirley is in her 80s but still fighting.  Editor’s note 

Dear Brian

Am almost ill, Brian, after just watching CP 24 interview praising Porter’s excellent reputation for service, with David Peterson heartily endorsing them as vital aid advertising Pan Am Games to all their destinations with super logo on two of their planes. It was the most enthusiastic endorsement possible of Porter. 

It really hurt because I had just sent a question for the Mayor for tonight’s program on CP 24 where the Mayor is to answer questions sent in earlier in the day. I had mentioned that in view of the $2 billion being spent on Queen’s Quay beautification, it was time to end all question of further Porter expansion and jets by having a well-publicized vote of citizens immediately.  Faint chance! and I am sure they would vote to send Porter to Pearson, just as they voted against expansion and jets in 1995 and later for Miller against bridge.

 I sent a letter to Golden, Crombie, Greenberg and Diamond congratulating them on their piece in the Star and enclosed a package of airport stuff I had written over time. Yesterday, received a little card with handwritten note from Greenberg thanking me for the package and saying “This will be a very difficult and complex fight requiring all hands on deck. Your commitment is important. Best Wishes”. I was delighted and impressed that he took the time to send it.

Am exhausted raving at TV, Brian. That is all for now.

 Shirley  Bush

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