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(This letter was sent to Mayor John Tory and circulated to all councillors by the York Quay Neighbourhood Association.  Editor’s note)

3 December, 2014

His Worship John Tory
City Hall
100 Queens Street West, Toronto

Dear Mr. Tory,

York Quay Neighbourhood Association (YQNA) congratulates you as our new Mayor. We especially appreciate your promise to return civility to City Council.

Among your first appointments was Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong as director on the board of Waterfront Toronto. That is very surprising to the thousands of people who are involved in Waterfront Revitalization — the largest urban renewal project in North America.

Councillor Minnan-Wong has been a vociferous critic of this extraordinary project for years, ignoring facts that are readily available to all. As residents, we have been consulted from the start and can attest to WT’s high professional standards and transparency.

We expect you have clear reasons for appointing Councillor Minnan-Wong to the WT Board, and we would be grateful to hear them. Sitting on a board with such expertise could offer an education in urban planning for Mr. Minnan-Wong. Or it might signal a wish to wrest WT away from three levels of Government support and turn it into a City agency. In that case, a very public and strong protest would follow.

We look forward to hearing from you on this important city issue.

Yours truly,

Ed Hore



Ulla Colgrass
Co-chair, Planning Committee


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