Mark McQueen and the Disappearing News Story

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The CTV news story was supposed to break on its national news on Mark McQueen, Chair of the TPA, December 3. This according the following tweets by Robert Fife, Ottawa Bureau Chief of CTV News.

Robert Fife Tweets

However, a search of the CTV general news site and the CTV National News site indicates the story didn’t make it to Wednesday night’s TV and online broadcasts.

Questions arise.

Why did the full story about Mark Mcqueen, chair of the Toronto Port Authority and transport minister Lisa Raitt’s office defending McQueen disappear?

Did McQueen or Raitt use influence to get it yanked?

Did CTV lawyers or executives yank it for fear of court action from the Toronto Port Authority?

Did the  question that Adam Vaughn asked in the House spook the TPA?


According to Mr. Vaughn, McQueen seems to have failed in his obligation as a public office holder to observe guidelines requiring him to refrain from contributing to a political party.

Is it possible McQueen realizes that if he makes the Harper government look bad, he could get thrown under the bus like Mike Duffy and Dean Del Mastro?

Is it possible that with the Toronto Port Authority only days away from kicking off an environmental assessment that will show jets at BBTCAaren’t a problem, the TPA is afraid of the publicity?



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