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The Globe and Mail, on November 19, 2014, published an article headlined Porter Airlines eager to work with ‘energized’ new Toronto council. The article quoted Porter Airlines spokesman Brad Cicero and port authority executive Deborah Wilson.  It looks suspiciously like an attempt to build buzz and momentum towards a decision on the project that is 15 months behind the due date Porter Airlines main man Robert Deluce gave back in April 2013.


Mr. Cicero speculated that the new council would be eager to get started on stalled projects although he hadn’t spoken to city staff or councillors recently.  Ms Wilson was optimistic too that, with their consultants squirreling away, the port authority’s work on the environmental assessment, runway design and airport master plan would be ready in six to eight months.  She also reiterated the authority’s decision to proceed without agreeing to passenger caps, a city council requirement if the port authority wanted the city’s buy in.


In what amounts to an elephant in the room, the article says nothing about Mayor-Elect Tory’s thoughts on the matter. No fear. Mr. Tory makes quite clear in this YouTube video that there will be no jets and no expansion to the runways.  That was when Mr. Tory was running for mayor against David Miller in 2003. There is no reason to believe that Mr. Tory has changed his mind. That is unless, of course, someone has gotten to him.


Interestingly, the Globe and Mail earlier reported that Mr. Tory hired Chris Elby as his chief of staff and Vic Gupta as principal secretary.   Both men worked at Sussex Strategy lobbyists at city hall for Porter Airlines.


Is it a coincidence that Brad Cicero, spokesperson for Porter Airlines feels that the new council would feel energized to get started on stalled projects?

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