A Letter to all City Councillors

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Dear Councillors

The Toronto Port Authority Annual Report 2009 stated “The TPA has no intention of seeking amendments to the Tripartite Agreement to allow commercial jet aircraft to use the BBTCA, as we believe they are incompatible with a densely populated mixed-use community surrounded by recreational and cultural amenities.”

Five years later, all the multiplicity of elements that were considered incompatible have expanded enormously! Recreational and commercial boating has quadrupled, wildfowl flocks have increased. Special events and international festivals, sporting events, dance and theatre productions have proliferated. The population has exploded and more condos are springing up like dandelions, making safety questionable.

Why does the TPA suddenly think airport expansion with jets is desirable today when it was unthinkable five years ago? Our precious waterfront belongs to all Torontonians. Why sacrifice it for VIP perks at an private airline. Let’s replace those doubtful somewhat slanted surveys immediately with a genuine city-wide vote!

Shirley Bush

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