That’s Not Honest Politics

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As the municipal election campaign winds up in the last two weeks of frenzied electioneering, the leading candidate still will not declare whether he is in favour or opposed to the expansion of the Island Airport.

John Tory has been challenged a number of times during the election to explain his position on the Island Airport, and he refuses to answer. What he says is that he will wait until various reports on the expansion are published before making up his mind. On the issue of his conflict of interest, he says that he will consult lawyers and will follow the rules.

Tory is attempting to avoid the Island Airport controversy during the election, and that is what makes his refusal to answer these questions most disturbing. He remembers that David Miller was able to win the 2003 election because he opposed airport expansion and the bridge to the Island Airport.

Tory knows that jets, the lengthening of the runways, and all of the other horrors the expansion will bring to the city, will be very unpopular with most Torontonians. He wants to avoid this issue at all costs because he knows that if people learn that he is in favour of jets and expansion, he will lose many votes. He is hiding his true beliefs, and his intensions, and that is the most worrisome point of all.

Here we have a hotly contested mayoral campaign, and the candidate who is leading in the polls is avoiding declaring himself on one of the most contentious issues of the campaign.

That’s not honest politics.

Bill Freeman

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