Strategic voting, or why not to vote for John Tory

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Less than 2 weeks to the election and there is a lot of angst & wringing of hands.

Do you feel that you have to vote for John Tory to keep out Doug Ford?- Relax –Ford CANNOT win.

There are many reasons not to vote for Tory from unfunded transit plans, to white privilege, to his deep connection to the Harper Conservative Party.

Look at the waterfront issue and you will find John Tory missing in action. He avoided the Waterfront debate by cancelling the day before.

John Tory will not clarify his position on Jets, the lengthening of the runways, and expanding the Island Airport.

Why ?

1) His son John A.D. Tory runs a charter air business from the Island. His main client is Porter Air. When a client needs off schedule transportation Porter calls Tory’s company to fly them at a premium price. His son John A.D. is also a registered lobbyist for Island Airport expansion.

2) John Tory, the mayoral candidate, was just endorsed by Federal Conservative Transport Minister Lisa Raitt. Lisa was the former CEO of the Toronto Port Authority who almost gave us the bridge and did give us Porter Air.

Lisa, Mark McQueen, present TPA CEO, and several members of the TPA Board are strongly connected to the Harper government. Lisa would not have endorsed Tory without Harper’s prior approval. Tory would be Harper’s man running Toronto.

3) John Tory’s Rolodex is full of high powered Bay Street types who love to fly Porter for business.

I believe the scales will be tipped to approve the Island Airport expansion with John Tory as Mayor.

And for those of you who believe that Tory will COMPLETELY recuse himself on this item, I have a Unicorn at my house waiting to give you a ride.

If you are a progressive who is thinking of voting Tory to stop Ford, don’t do it.

Ford won’t get elected either way, and if enough progressives come back to vote for Olivia, she still has an outside chance of winning this election.

If you agree with this position please send it on to your progressive friends in the City.

Barry Lipton

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