John Tory and Airport Expansion – The Picture Becomes Clearer

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John Tory refuses to show his hand on the island airport expansion and the future of the waterfront.   Wait until the port authority’s studies come in he says. He doesn’t have to show his hand.   Transport minister Lisa Raitt seems to be doing it for him.


John Tory published Lisa Raitt’s endorsement for him as mayor on his website on October 13.


As the website says, “I am honoured to have the support of Lisa Raitt. She has been a tremendous advocate for the people of Halton. She understands the importance of and need for quality transportation infrastructure to strengthen our community,” said Tory.


Lisa Raitt, former president and CEO of the port authority, knows transportation infrastructure especially when it comes to airports.   Ms Raitt is responsible for the study (Lisa Raitt RFP for General Study Nov 2000) that showed how to expand the island airport, signed a Commercial Carrier Operating Agreement with Robert Deluce that gave Porter Airlines a five-year monopoly and almost built a bridge to the airport but for municipal politics and David Miller’s election as mayor.


Since then Ms Raitt has learned politics as an MP and a cabinet minister.   With her clear choice of John Tory as mayor, she’ll have the problem of pesky municipal politics taken care of when it comes to airport expansion.


What’s John Tory’s position on airport expansion?


We know that he is willing to spend money on it if it’s viable.   We know that a proven airport expansionist is backing him as mayor.   We also know that leopards don’t change their spots.



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