Can Olivia possibly save us?

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Can Olivia possibly save us from this triumvirate?

It is enough to break the heart of genuine waterfront lovers who see nothing but menace and misfortune in Porter’s plans for further expansion and jets. Mr. Tory’s natural milieu is big business. Transport Minister Raitt, when with the Toronto Port Authority, thumbed her nose at citizens who protested against further airport expansion. The Toronto Port Authority, faced with both the Tripartite Agreement and a 2005 Federal law forbidding any fixed link to the Islands, simply went to Ottawa, said “a tunnel would be good business”.

Lo and behold… the existing law was rescinded and replaced with a brand new one specifically permitting a tunnel! Mr. Harper and Mr. Flaherty even had a photo op putting the first shovels in the ground.

When Torontonians had a chance to vote on a bridge, they ditched popular shoo-in Barbara Hall and elected David Miller. Currently, Toronto Port Authority is sponsoring new reports about Porter’s jets and implications for our irreplaceable waterfront! They need Council and Federal approval. Anyone want to bet on the outcome?

Four former mayors, City Health Committee, renowned architect Jack Diamond, former city planner Paul Bedford, the boating community, environmentalists, neighbourhood associations and ardent waterfront lovers from all city wards want our waterfront protected.

Fast transit to Pearson is imminent and Pearson is really where Porter belongs. John Tory is sitting on the fence, waiting for reports. Tell the power-brokers to go fly a kite, not jets.

Olivia Chow has publicly proclaimed that she is totally against, and would fight, further airport expansion and jets. Her entire career, from early days as a young Toronto councillor through her time as MP, has always put people first. Her transit plans are practical. She cares about child-care and housing. Olivia Chow is the only one capable of  returning Toronto to the city we love!!!

Shirley Bush

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