Kelly wants jets and the Olympics. Bev Dywan asks why?

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(Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly argues that jets on the Waterfront will be good because it will help us get the Olympics. Bev Dywan pushes the argument to ask why would we ever want that? Editor)

Why does Kelly think we need to host big sports competitions?

Read this Economist article on why a city wants to host the Olympics (no economic advantage in the long run, just popularity with voters in the short term).Rah, rah, rah.

Whistler has seen a big drop on revenues since the winter Olympics there, Beijing has seen hotel booking fails… “London…At the end of last year, with the crowds departed, eight out of ten said it was worth the extraordinary cost, even as cuts to public services began to bite….”
Better to hold a big circus here- we have practice from Ford’s antics.

View article here.


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