Big cities are closing their small airports

In Toronto some assume that, because the Island Airport (Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport) exists, it should be expanded by lengthen the runways to allow jets. But expanding small airports is not what is happening in other North American cities. Meigs Field. The X marks were created by bulldozers to stop flights. On March 31, 2003 ...

Cityslikr takes on the Waterfront

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Cityslikr is a group of young activists who use social media to talk about Toronto issues. Recently they have gone into podcasting, a type of radio show broadcast on the Internet. This is the link to a show that they have done about the Waterfront, including the Island Airport. They talk to Jude McDonald, a journalist ...

More noise complaints

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In the very early hours of Saturday morning there was excessive noise from the airport. I thought launch was starting early at the adjoining yacht clubs but it was aircraft movement noise. They don't listen to complaints over there. Mike Comrie